School Visits

Almost everyone has heard the popular song, “Watch me whip, now watch me nae nae,” or heard a cultural reference to the song at least once. My nonfiction chapter book, Silentó: Breakout Rapper, tells the extraordinary story of how 17-year-old Ricky Hawk, known as the rapper Silentó, created a hit song.

Each of my sessions will be tailored to the age level of the students and will include:

  • Steps in my writing journey, including examples of my childhood writing and first magazine publications
  • The importance of revisions and rewriting
  • From contract to book
  • Reading from my book interspersed with audience participation
  • Students and teachers dancing to “Watch Me”
  • Question and answer session

Additional topics to be included depending on the age group:

  • Authors and the creative process
  • Biographies and how to research them
  • Writing Styles: Narrative vs. Expository
  • Literary devices (By starting with examples, then providing sentence stems, students will brainstorm their own and have a chance to share their ideas.)
  • Reasons to read a lot, in various genres

Custom sessions and small group writing workshops are also available. 

Items needed to make the day run smoothly:

  • A large screen for my presentation
  • A projector
  • A document camera to display the photos during the reading
  • Speakers to play the song
  • A wireless microphone
  • Teachers and aides must stay for the presentation

Testimonial: “Just so you know, every day at least one student, usually more, have come into the library looking for your book. It has been checked out. There are 4 holds on the book already. Thank you, Alisha, for your presentation. I think the students really enjoyed it! Especially the Whip! I know I did!” ~Clarissa Grindle, Librarian, Great Oaks Elementary School, Round Rock, Texas





Please contact Alisha to set up a school visit or for more information:

  • email: alishagabriel (at) hotmail (dot) com
  • call or text 512 508 0403










Fees for School Visits

Local: Within 60 miles of Georgetown/Austin/San Antonio, TX, $450 for a full day, no travel or mileage fees (up to three sessions, 45-60 minutes each)

Not Local: $600 for a full day (up to three sessions), plus travel expenses. Additional consecutive days discounted to $525 each.