Book Review – This Jazz Man

BookThis Jazz Man

Author: Karen Ehrhardt

Illustrator: R.G. Roth

Publisher: Harcourt, Inc., 2006


This jazz man, he plays one,

He plays rhythm with his thumb,

with a snap! snap! snazzy-snap!

Give the man a hand,

This jazz man scats with the band.

This Jazz Man introduces nine well-known jazz greats to the rhythm of the folk song “This Old Man.” Each page uses onomatopoeia and introduces a range of instruments and important vocabulary such as scat, rhythm, congas, conducts, score, bebop, swings, encore, and more. The illustrations use “mixed media collage and printmaking on watercolor paper” and are eye-catching and jazz-worthy.

Note: The musicians are not introduced by name until the end in brief biographies of about one hundred words each. A careful observer will see hints in the illustrations as to their identities before reaching the end.

Tip: Take a quick look at the scat before class so you’re able to read aloud smoothly.

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