Quarter Rest Prep

My awesome colleague, Cindy Hayes, shared this idea with me and gave me permission to share it here. This technique could be used with multiple songs, but the chart I made matches the rhythms to Pease Porridge Hot.

photo 1

While you’re preparing quarter rest, show the students the page with the flap down with the porridge pictures visible. Once they’ve learned rest, flip the flap and the quarter rest is visible.

photo 2How to make your chart: Print both pages. Cut the page with porridge pictures about 4 1/8″ vertically from the edge with pictures. Fold it in half vertically. It should only be wide enough to cover beat four of each phrase. Glue the pictures back to back. Line it up along the right edge of the full sheet of paper and tape it in place. Too much tape may keep it from laying flat. Enjoy!

Pease Porridge Page 1

Pease Porridge Page 2