Bow, Wow, Wow do presentation

Feel free to use this picture for your personal classroom use. It will be available for download on my Resources for Teachers page.

My second grade students know the solfége pitches la, so, and mi  and have learned do aurally. It’s time for the visual presentation and I’ll be using the third phrase of Bow, Wow, Wow. I’ve presented it many different ways over the years, but this time I’m using the visual attached with a picture of my dog, Duke, in place of do. This also works well with a dog bone picture, written on a chalk board, or with magnets on a magnetic white board with staff. Simply replace the dog picture with a quarter note, or add a stem to his picture if that’s easier, and voila! Your presentation is sure to please and delight the students. Bow Wow Wow phrase 3 in FWhat do you do when presenting do to make it fun and engaging for the students?